What does DBT target?

  1. Life-threatening behaviors (e.g. suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts, and acts of self-harm.
  2. Treatment interfering behaviors (e.g. inconsistent attendance, sporadic completion of homework assignments, and lack of collaborative interactions with therapist and treatment.
  3. Decreasing behaviors that destroy quality of life and increasing behaviors that make life experiences worth living.
  4. Learning new skills to increase awareness and be present in the moment, understand emotions and their functions, and learning how to tolerate painful experiences without causing harm to oneself.

Payment and Insurance

We do not accept insurance. All appointments are considered fee-for-service, meaning you are expected to pay for the appointment fee at the time of service. Most individuals are reimbursed by insurance companies at the "out-of-network" rate. Credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted.

  • Initial Phone Screening                                          Free
  • Comprehensive Initial Intake                              $200.00
  • Individual Therapy Session (60 minutes)         $150.00
  • Group Skills Training (90 minutes)                    $100.00
  • Phone Coaching (included)                                   Free